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Already using Odoo? Then you will be impressed by the Android and IOS applicationMyOdoo, l'application Odoo !

MyOdoo is much more than just an interface designed to be used on a mobile or tablet; MyOdoo creates another way to use Odoo, from a mobile device.

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MyOdoo, application mobile Odoo (Android et IOS)
MyOdoo, application mobile Odoo

Smart Offline Mode

We all know at which point we can be upset because no Internet connexion is available when we really need it. No way to access your precious customer's data or report your activities at the time which is the most convenient for you.

With MyOdoo, you'll have your data available offline and with its Smart Offline Mode, data will be synchronized in seconds to ensure you'll get the data you really need now.

MyOdoo application gestion d'entreprise


Odoo is a popular suite of business applications. All-in-one, modular, beautiful, and easy to use.

MyOdoo logiciel mobile gestion d'entreprise


Enhance your business flow and reactivity by a better collaboration between your team members.

MyOdoo application mobile


MyOdoo synchronizes data in order to let you work even when or where there is no connection available.

MyOdoo développement mobile


Straight to the point with MyOdoo! No more useless features or menu, you only see what you need.

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