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La ville de demain, une Smartcity?

The 18 April 2019 in Antopolis BHC

Formation Odoo

The 27 March 2019 in

Une Smartcity au salon des mandataires

The 21 February 2019 in Antopolis BHC Events

Salon des Mandataires

The 4 January 2019 in BHC

2018, a year of challenges

The 31 December 2018 in BHC

20 ans BHC

The 8 November 2018 in BHC Events

Odoo Experience Days 2018

The 11 October 2018 in

Odoo Experience 2018

The 28 August 2018 in BHC Events Odoo

Labellisation consultant "Expert" en transformation digitale

The 12 April 2018 in BHC


The 8 February 2018 in BHC Odoo

Salon des Mandataires

The 15 January 2018 in BHC Events Technolology

Odoo Networker

The 4 January 2018 in BHC Odoo

SmartCities Barcelone

The 29 November 2017 in BHC Events

IOT in Odoo

The 2 November 2017 in BHC Events

Odoo Experience Days

The 18 October 2017 in BHC Events Odoo

Odoo Experience Days

The 27 September 2017 in BHC Events Odoo

MyOdoo, l'application mobile Odoo

The 7 September 2017 in BHC Odoo

Nouvelle réglementation sur la protection des données

The 28 August 2017 in BHC

Odoo Experience

The 23 August 2017 in Events

ACES Group

The 18 August 2017 in

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